Fortunately, Sea turtles will not be extinct

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Fortunately, Sea turtles will not be extinct.
Fortunately, Sea turtles will not be extinct.

We all love marine life. and we enjoy seeing marine animals such as sea turtles. so, we are lucky, as sea turtles will continue to exist on earth. The efforts that have been exerted are great.

Will there be a sixth mass extinction ?

Many scientists show their worries about the disappearance  of species of plants and animals. they expect a sixth mass extinction will occur.

they say that the causes are many. Such as lose of habitat, bad climate change and more. what leads to extinction of species.

Naturally, scientists found when they studied sea turtles that only one of 1,000 to 10,000 survives to adulthood.

The obstacles that face them are staggering. Sadly, humanity increase the dangers markedly.

Luckily, scientists were surprised when they found that the death rate of sea turtles had decreased.

sea turtles are an exception of the sixth mass extinction as published Wednesday in science advances.

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Dangers that face Sea turtles.

There are many dangers that threaten the life of sea turtles as follows:

1- as mentioned above they face very hard natural dangers. Once the hatchlings emerge, they make a bite-sized meal for beards and predators of the ocean.

The hatchlings take 10 to 30 years to become mature.

2- Marked catching from man and illegal sea turtle shell trade. people can use many parts of the turtles for products as oil, cartilage, shell.

3- Marine debris causes huge dangers for turtles. as they may swallow it by mistake or entangled.


4- Believe or not, artificial lighting causes turtles death. the Nests depend on dark and quiet to reproduce successfully.

5- beach activities by humans can result in bad impacts for Nesting turtles. Also, beach erosion causes the same effects.

6- As they depend on marine and terrestrial habits during their life cycles. climate change affects their Nests on beaches as the sea level begins to rise because of melting polar ice caps.

The higher temperature affects the gender of Hatchlings causing the existence of more females.

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The efforts exerted to save sea turtles.

According to conservation efforts since 1950, there is an impact in the number of turtles. Luckily, they are easily managed.

Dr. Mazaris, an ecologist at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece, and a team of international researchers have analyzed public data of sea turtles all over the world at the period from 6 to 47 years.

they standardize each individual data sets and found that even small populations are capable of restoring their number.

But, unluckily, they found that some kinds are still declining as leatherbacks in the eastern and western Pacific.

Now, we can say there is a lack of studies about turtles. as male to female ratio is unknown.that is important for determining the reproduction rate.

there is an initiative in Australia to collects more data about flatback turtles. but it may stop due to decreasing marine protected areas.

Eventually, We must save marine animals.


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