Gene RS4950 Linked To Leadership Skills In Man

Scientists have found more about the gene behind the making of a born leader

There are two theories, One says that there are born leaders, and another says that leadership skills can be nurtured and practiced to learn to become a leader. The latter has been proven true in many cases.

But the former theory now has strong scientific backing brought through evidence from genetic researchers now. Scientists have found more about the gene behind the making of a born leader.

Researchers strongly indicate that the gene rs4950 has a deep and direct link to leadership skills inhuman. The human traits and characteristics are solely ruled by genes.

Situations and experiences, education and training, these obviously matters; but what’s programmed from within speaks loud and clear if you really give your mind to it, and can help you decide who you would be.

When scientists looked for the reasons behind leadership successes and failures, and reasons behind why some are good leaders why some cannot justify their position, then they found out that the main trick is played by the gene rs4950.

The genes rule louder than training

Since ages people have believed that if one does not have the leadership skills from the beginning, then those can be nurtured. People still believe that one may learn to become the leader, and can outperform proven leaders with consistent training.

But if you have this gene in you, then you may never need much training and polishing to emerge out as a leader. The specialty of rs4950 is in being the leadership gene which you have inherited from an ancestor, which makes you think, behave, and act like a leader and bring results.

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The importance of leadership training

Leadership training really does matter in sculpting and cultivating leaders. But when you have this gene within, you have the added advantage. You can acquire the skills better, take training harder, and get seasoned to perform the best soon due to the internal programming brought through rs4950.

Avoiding discrimination

After the research, and even before the results came out, organizations and employers had been discriminating employees on basis of their background, acquired skills, predominant skills etc. Finding a leader genetically may never be the solution to get a good leader.

Again only concentrating on training may give you compromised results. The best way to cultivate good leaders is to focus on both the nature of the person and also to nurture the skills to make a good leader out of the person.


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