Getting A Tattoo ? Think Twice Before You Do

A new obsession among people whether they are young or old, getting a tattoo in any part of the body and in different colors and shapes.

It changes by the change of fashion trends but people don’t know or ignore the effects of tattoo on their body. They should acknowledge the diseases that could change their life forever.

Before I shed light on the harmful effects of tattoo I want to explain the components of Ink used in the process, this Ink contains harmful oxidants like sulfide minerals Alcohol, Methanol, Formalin, black carbon, titanium dioxide, and organic tints.

This ink affect Melanin inside the skin and change its color which on long terms harm the skin. Besides the previously mentioned components there are some other additions unknown to us added by the person who draws the tattoo.

The harmful effects of tattoos

Tattoos are mainly responsible for transition of blood diseases like Hepatitis C, HIV, Tetanus, and several viral diseases that are uncountable.
Skin irritation and inflammation in the tattooed areas specially when exposed to the sun. Infection with skin diseases despite the change of the needles because the ink itself contains the transmitted bacteria.

The infection appears 3 weeks after that on form of scars and rash. The body gets rid of strange matters inside so there will be more scars and more rash. There might be bruises, or swelling as well.

The effect of tattoo on Immunity

Tattoo affects the immune system by reducing the white blood cells which affects immunity and its role of attaching harmful diseases and Bactria, the white blood cells also protect the body from cancer or lymphoma nodes tumors.

If you got a tattoo you are prevented from the next:

– You can’t transfer blood or donate.
– You can’t use sonar or x-ray devices and make sure before you use any of these devices that the tattoo does not contain iron which will be heated if exposed to the x-ray machine and cause you swelling or pain.
– If you suffer from blood clogging and you take medicines to keep blood fluency. The Ink cause blood clogging and takes long time to heal.

How to remove tattoos? It is not an easy process at all, and may cost you a fortune if you chose laser technique.


After all this if you still want to get one you should be careful and follow the next steps:
– If you decided to get a tattoo, go to a trusted place.
– Never use the same needles and blades again.
– The person who is responsible for the process should sterilized the skin before starting.
– The area should be covered with a bandage after that and keep it away from sun rays, gently clean it with water and use moistener. It takes 2 weeks to heal.

There is an alternative to tattoos which is “Henna” try it instead. It has many good advantages like curing skin diseases like allergy and Eczema.

In the end I would like to stress on one point. Everything natural is good, avoid chemicals and abnormal trends that makes you beautiful but may affect your health. Treasure your body and your health.

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