Glaciers At Antarctica Melting Due To Global Warming

What happened at the Antarctica?

If ice sheets at the poles keep on melting and breaking as it happened with the underbelly of the giant Antarctica ice, then devastation is ahead. Soon a time will come when the landmass of the earth will be submerged under water.

The whole of the earth will be under the oceans in some hundred years. The beginning of the end has already started with the breaking of icebergs from the icecaps of the poles.

What happened at the Antarctica

A huge piece of ice, nearly the size of 103 square miles has broken apart from the large icecap of Antarctica. The piece of ice that got separated is as big to accommodate 4.5 times the Manhattan Islands.  This happened at the Pine Island Glacier in the western part of Antarctica.

The incident was first time brought to highlight when Stef Lhermitte, who was an expert of remote sending from the Delft University of Netherlands. He twitted about this. Now the broke iceberg which is floating on the sea is gradually breaking and drifting apart.

The special shape of the glacier

The glacier has a special cork shape. This shape has been protecting the entire iceberg from melting and slowly breaking off to the sea. But now after this break, the shape has changed.

Earlier occurrences

Icebergs from the Antarctic cap also broke earlier in 2015. That break was even bigger, and the iceberg was twice as bigger than this one.

Amundsen Sea

The highest damage was noticed at the Amundsen Sea since 2014.  Many glaciers were found floating here after they were detached from the polar ice cap. The icebergs finally melted. And the rate of melting is almost 3 times as high as noticed in Antarctica.

Fast Depletion

The West Antarctic ice sheet has practically got damaged so much, and there is little hope for it. Warm water is directly beneath the sheet thus facilitating in the early breaking of the glaciers.

The consequences

If this cannot be stopped or slowed, then the ice be melting from the ice sheets of the poles can raise the water level across the globe by 10 feet. And 10 feet means quite high to submerge all land space. Most low land areas of the earth will be under water one day if the ice from the sheets meets melting in this way and this state. It’s high time humans should be alert about the consequences of global warming.

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