Global climate is changing: what are the possible risks?

The fifth assessment report of the IPCC has stated that there might be some diseases from the global climate change. However, it is very difficult to predict the actual changes in climate because of the limited information. There are many mounting pieces of evidence of climate change in Ade’s mosquitos and other animals due to global warming and climate changes.

Climate change can trigger some serious bacteria to spread. The sudden changes can bring Zika virus, dengue, malaria, and Lyme disease. The natural disaster can mutant the animals with pathogens. There is a prediction of diseases from pathogens. There might be some new-type of disease from insects.

What are the main reasons for climate change and temperature imbalance?

There are some obvious reasons behind the current temperature rise. Current climate changes show some interesting discoveries. You can divide the causes into two parts, i.e. human-related and natural causes. The greenhouse gases are the main reason for the global warming. Radon is also responsible for global warming and greenhouse effect other than CO2.

What are the discoveries from climate changes?


  • The satellite photos show some serious issue on trees. There are few green areas on earth.
  • There will be no water if the trees are regularly cut.
  • Trees also work as natural water holder that is why flood is reduced. There will be more flood than normal.
  • The climate change also affects the struggling stream supply around 75 miles.
  • These are the danger sign for the future

Climate change is not just a term; there are many side effects of that. It shows the side effects of abuse to nature by an industrial process. GHGs should prevent the additional loss. The global warming is the result of climate change. The data is related to the industrial revolution of 1760.

What is the main reason of climate changes?

Many scientists are working on environmental changes. However, there are many responsible factors for climate change. These changes are different from basic global warming causes. The Government is working on new projects. They will find out alternative energy resources to reduce CO2 from the atmosphere. These are the main reasons for climate changing.

  • Category 5 cyclones.
  • Global warming.
  • Ice melting at poles.
  • Natural disasters and tsunami.

These dominating factors can lengthen the season. It will alter the geographic range of the continent. Apart from that climate change can alter DNA of the mosquitos and other animals. There might be a new type of diseases other than traditional one. The mosquitos can go high altitude with the increase in temperature.


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