Gravitational Waves Have Been Captured

The gravitational waves have been observed first on 14th of September 2015 nearly hundred years after Albert Einstein first predicted them. They were coming from a collision of two black holes and it them took nearly 1.3 billion years to reach the LIGO detector in the USA.

Though the signals were terribly weak, yet started a totally new way to define and observe the violent events of space.

What Is LIGO?

The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory or in short LIGO is a joint project of more than thousands of scientists from nearly twenty countries around the Earth.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to present the Nobel Prize in Physics 2017 to Rainer Weiss LIGO/VIRGO Collaboration and Barry C. Barish LIGO/VIRGO Collaboration and Kip S. Thorne LIGO/VIRGO Collaborations for the LIGO detector and the very first observation of the gravitational wave.

All the scientists together have relived a vision nearly five decades old. Together the Nobel Laureate scientists and leaders of the project has completed it and ensured the effort of all these people throughout these years for catching gravitational force is fulfilled.

Earlier both Kip Thorne and Rainer Weiss were convinced that gravitation waves can be detected and captured. With the help of the laser-based interferometer designed by Rainer Weiss in the mid-1970s to analyze the possible source of the noise.

He had already discovered the possible source of background data noise, which is why he designed the laser-based interferometer.

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Theory of relativity 

According to the general theory of relativity by Albert Einstein, the gravitational waves spread out at the speed of light by filling in the universe. They are generated when a mass gets accelerated.

Like when two black holes rotate around each other. But Einstein thought that it was impossible to measure the gravitational waves.

The achievement of the LIGO project is based on the results of two gigantic interferometers, which are able to measure a thousand times smaller change than an atomic nucleus when the gravitational waves were passing the Earth.

Gravitational waves are proved to be the direct testimonials of disruptions in space and time itself. However, scientists had already used all sort of electromagnetic radiations particles, like cosmic rays and neutrinos to explore the universe.

But the gravitational waves are totally new and opening totally new unexplored worlds in front of us. Scientists are now aiming to explore them. as per Rainer Weiss, this discovery awaits new wealth of knowledge for those who have succeeded in catching the waves.

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