The Great 9 Benefits Of Fasting

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The great 9 benefits of fasting
The great 9 benefits of fasting

Fasting is known for many centuries to human beings. It has 9 great benefits we will discuss them in details in the following lines.

It was presented in many religions for various purposes. Like for example: Muslims fast in Ramadan, Moses 40 days fast when he was ordered in the Holy Bible, and Gandhi has fasted during his protest.

Nowadays, there is a diet called “5:2 diet.”  It means you can eat a normal diet for 5 days while 2 other days eat 25% of what that you would normally eat.

9 Benefits of fasting

1. Flips a regenerative switch

As Researchers say fasting “flips a regenerative switch”. You may feel a little miserable for the days you don’t eat. But, fasting creates new white blood cells, essentially regenerating the entire immune system. This occurs, only, in 3 days.

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2. Cancer inhibition

According to News from USC, there are two recent studies showed a short-term fasting causes starvation to cancer cells and helps chemotherapies better target cancer. So, patients with cancer should practice fasting.

3. Stimulates growth

the Inter-Mountain Medical Center Heart Institute found that people, who had fasted for 24 hours, had a 2000% increase in growth hormone, which stimulates cell growth. They also had significantly reduced their triglycerides, boosted their HDL cholesterol and stabilized their blood sugar.

4. Epileptic seizures treatment

children who suffer from epileptic seizures, when fast, have fewer of them. So, fasting might be a temporary treatment for epileptic seizures.


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5. mental improvement

You might think that when you go without food, you can’t think clearly. But, One study in the National Library of Medicine found females, that stop eating for 24 hours, their sustained attention, focus, simple reaction time, as well as immediate memory were found to be well functioning.

The United States National Library of Medicine tested 50 people before and after they had a 30% reduction in calories. They found a significant increase in verbal memory scores after caloric restriction.

7. Living more

Also, fasting can enable someone to live longer. Japan has more people living past 100 than anywhere else and many practice the art of eating until 80% full. Restricting the calories of rats, yeast, flies fish, monkeys and worms have shown them to live longer.

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8. Sugar stabilizing

Researchers found that Fasting has a positive effect on insulin sensitivity. it allows you to burn sugar better than if you didn’t fast. The study showed that after periods of fasting, insulin becomes more effective in translating glucose from the blood to the cells.

9. Skin clearing

During Fasting, your body can help clear the skin because it becomes able to focus more energy, there is no digestion. Stop eating for just one day help the body clean up the toxins and regulate the functioning of other organs of the body like liver, kidneys and other parts.


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