Health Risks Of Sleep Deprivation

How Sleep Deprivation Affects Our Health

We may like to stay awake after 12 am. But, we all must know that the deprivation of sleep has a bad impact on our health. So, to be healthy, you should go to bed early.

The number of hours we should sleep

As we all know, our bodies need an amount of sleep for optimum performance. The National Sleep Foundation recommends seven to nine hours for most adults. Actually, it varies from one to another. Many people can cope with 4 hours, unlike others who need about 10 hours of sleep. Also, The desire of being asleep is directly proportional to your basal needs.

Sadly, sleeping for a short time or sleep deprivation has many effects on your health as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, headaches, lack of attention, and delayed motor skills.

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The effects of sleep deprivation

Heart disease

A number of Stress hormones may elevate inside our bodies as a reason of Lack of sleep. The long-term stress hormones are bad for both blood vessels and blood pressure. They cause damage to the walls of blood vessels as well as elevation in blood pressure. These effects may kill you silently.


According to a new research, people who do not get enough time on the bed have a higher risk of becoming obese.
Inside your body, there is a hormone called leptin which controls hunger and makes you feel hungry. Also, there is another one called Ghrelin produced by fat cells and tells the body the need for fat calories.

During sleep deprivation, these hormones are thrown out of balance which makes you feel hungry all time. Therefore, This imbalance increases the risk of obesity.

People with poor sleep habits are tired and they make it worse when they avoid or eliminate physical exercise. Regular exercise helps reduce stress, burns off calories and increases energy.

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As a result of obesity, many problems occur. The most common disease that accompanies obesity and over-weight diabetes type 2. As scientists say, if a person weighs more than recommended for his body type, there would be high percent to experience diabetes of type 2.


Many types of research indicate that lack of sleeping can trigger headaches in sleep-deprived individuals. They would experience the feeling of discomfort.

Also, they may have an impairment in concentration, attention, solving problems and eye-coordination.
I guess these reasons are enough to make you go to bed early! watch out for your health.

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