Hot Chocolate Improves Your Mood

What makes chocolate attractive?

I guess no one can resist chocolate. A cup of hot chocolate may make your mood perfectly. Scientists say this, too. A simple cup of cocoa can indeed make warmer interactions, engagements, and experiences.

What makes chocolate attractive?

According to a study launched by Researchers from Italy’s International School for Advanced Studies, People pay attention to things which are dangerous and so when we see if we can’t help.

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Researchers added, “The unhealthier the food the more dangerous it seems to us – and the harder it is to resist”.
They asked a number of people who have a normal weight to draw lines. But, they drew by a stylus on a tablet computer as quickly as they could between two dots 13 cm apart.

During the experiment, there was a food like a banana or a pizza on one side of the first dot, along with a kitchen appliance like a toaster that acted as a control.

The participants rated the foods according to how much they liked each item, how healthy, they were and noted whether or not they were dieting.

They also completed a test of their subconscious feelings about each of the food by saying if they associated them with positive or negative words.

The results showed that test participants bent their lines towards the food pictures even if they didn’t realize it.
The study said: ‘Food and food-related stimuli are powerful attentional-capturing cues and strong sources of interference with ongoing actions even if irrelevant to the task’.

The secret of chocolate

In fact, it does not matter whether you add a dash of marshmallows to your hot chocolate or not. Whether you like your cocoa with cream or without, strong and thick or light and milky.

According to study at the University of Colorado and Yale, Warm drinks make warmer responses.
In the study, they invited the participants in sets of two to rate a fictional person on personality traits.

On the way to the testing room, each pair was received in the lobby and one was handed a warm cup of coffee while the other an iced cold coffee.

They noted that it was much easier for a participant to pick traits. Their traits were like trustworthy, humane and friendly with a cup of warm coffee than a cold one in their hands.

The explanation was that there is a connection between emotion and touch. From our childhoods, the association between touch and emotional development is strong and obvious.

But coming back to your cup of hot cocoa, there is no simpler way to warm up.

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