How Climate Change is affecting the Animal and aquatic Kingdom?

Scientists are already concerned about the detrimental effects of Climate Change on different aspects of life. However, you should not assume that it has affected the lives of mankind only. If truth be told, it has left some serious impact on the animals as well.

Hence, discussion on the effects of climate change on the animal kingdom will really make a sense.

Changes in climate have affected the lives of the polar bears and penguins

As one of the major impact of climate change, the temperature of the earth has risen substantially. It includes the North and South Pole regions as well. As a consequence, the covering of ice in these regions has started to melt. This has left a serious effect on the Polar bears and penguins.

Climate changes have forced these innocent creatures to completely change their usual orientation of living. They are being forced to migrate from their original places of habitation to other areas. Likewise, they now have to adopt changes in their food habits and mating sessions.

Now, this is impossible for the animals to withstand such widespread changes.

It is foreseen that if the situation continues along the same lines, in the near future, there are the threats of complete extinction of these species.

Similar threats and risks apply to other animals that are the native habitats of the Polar Regions.

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Climate change has not spared the aquatic kingdom

Moving from the land to the aquatic Kingdom, the impact of Climate change still persists. As an outcome of changes in the climate, the water level has risen significantly and the acidity of the Marine water has gone up as well.

This is offering a severe challenge to the existence of various species of aquatic creatures. For instance, certain species of Fishes, as well as aquatic plants, are standing just on the threshold of getting extinct.

Scientists are concerned about this standing because if things go this way, it will demolish the ecological balance of the aquatic kingdom. Extinction of fishes and aquatic plants will offer a challenge to the supply of Foods for mankind as well.

Thus, the concern of the scientist on this topic seems to be obvious and justified. Sincere efforts are immediately needed for the restoration of the climatic conditions that will bring a relief from these threats.

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