How climate changes influence the spread of infectious and non-infectious diseases- An overview

In recent times, as one of the most dangerous outcomes of Climate change, there has been a sharp rise in the spread of infectious diseases.  These instances have created a panic in the minds of the health experts and scientists. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss how climate changes influence the spread of infectious and non-infectious diseases.

Climate changes facilitate the spread of pathogens causing infectious diseases

Different climate conditions play an influential role in facilitating the spread of pathogens in different manners. For instance, some parts of the world are receiving more rainfall than earlier, wherein other parts are now recording substantially lower rainfall in today’s time.

These conditions are ideal for the spreading of pathogens that flourish in lesser and higher rainfall. Likewise, the rise in temperature level is boosting the flourish of certain pathogens as well. All these conditions are paving the way for the flourish of pathogens that are triggering infectious diseases at very high rates.


 Wind-borne diseases


In addition to the pathogens that spread through water or flourish under extreme temperatures, there are the pathogens that spread through the wind as well. Due to the contamination of air, certain new pathogens have evolved these days.

These pathogens are triggering some infectious diseases that are little known to the scientist and the doctors. These instances are facilitating the spread of diseases from one country to another. As such, this is one of the key areas of challenge, standing before the public health in a global perspective.

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People now stand more vulnerable to various types of skin diseases


The challenge is not confined to the scopes of the infectious diseases only. Rather, climate changes have paved the way for the flourish of various kinds of non-infectious ailments as well. For instance, more people are catching up skin diseases, triggered by the dangerous UV rays from the sun.

Likewise, the count of victims of skin cancer around the globe has risen significantly in the last few years. All these instances happened due to the greenhouse effect that depleted the Ozone layer, making way for more heat and UV rays from the sun to intrude into the atmosphere of the earth.

Thus, it will be right to say that changes in climate are taking a major toll on the public health across the globe. Measures are needed to restore the balance in the climate that will automatically fix these scorching issues.


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