How is Industrial Development Effecting our Environment?

Is Industrial development the cause behind the global change.The human race is modernizing day by day with various new findings. But everything comes with a price.

Researchers have revealed that the major temperature difference that has observed in the past few decades and claimed that its cause is nothing but man-made activities resulting in increasing amount of greenhouse gases day by day.

Greenhouse gases are harmful chemicals viz. carbon dioxide, methane etc. that absorb and retain the maximum portion of sun’s heat, hence, resulting in massive temperature increase. This is leading to the ice caps to melt at a much faster rate and increasing floods.

Industrial Development and Global warming

Global warming did not just happen within one day. Years of resource misuse, nature abuse through industrial progress has brought the human race to this day. Some major discoveries of machinery and use fossil fuel in the late 1700s mark the initiation of this destruction. Now that humankind can’t leave without all these, the suffering doesn’t seem to have any permanent solution.

Are our Scientist’s Researches showing any Solution?

Various computer models are used to predict how fast the Earth will heat up. Upon comparing the actual rate, it has been found out the earth is comparatively heating up slower than expected. This means that we have still a little bit more time than we thought to find better solutions.

Little advancement towards the solution of global warming and climate change has made by using renewable energies and solar energy, and the result is quite positive.

Few events to prove that climate change is not a rumor anymore


  • All the hurricanes that have been occurring too often lately, which show that things have changed a lot. The destructions as a result of these hurricanes proved too difficult to recover from.
  • Another climatic change is the melting of the ice caps in the Arctic and Antarctic circles. Polar caps are breaking and cracking at a faster resulting in massive floods.
Main Reasons for global warming:


  • Increase in population might be a reason for the global climatic change.
  • Massive deforestation is one of the main reasons for the greenhouse gases to increase by such an enormous amount.
  • Increase in industrial machinery, cars, and buildings.

Scientists are doing various researchers every day and Government is also doing every bit to save our planet Earth. Maybe we can’t take it back to its previous state, but we can try every way possible and do our bit to save our planet for as long as possible.

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