How much of Titanium Dioxide are you Consuming Today?

Why Titanium dioxide is used on food?

Consumption of TiO2 which is the chemical formula for Titanium Dioxide is an involuntary and uninformed process for most humans unless you read the labels.

Most of the food items which you buy from a shop in processed or packaged form contain this compound, and hence you have very good chances of ingesting TiO2 if you are eating such food items.

Now the matter is how much of the compound is good or bad for you, and if it is safe for you is to be understood in order to decide which food items you should take.

Why Titanium dioxide is used on food


  • TiO2 increases the shelf life of food items.
  • It imparts an opaque and whitish color to food items to add to the attractive look
  • TiO2 inhibits UV rays from the sun and other instruments to enter and penetrate food items and degenerate the quality.

Sweeter food items like chocolates, candies etc contains more of the compound.

The positive effects of TiO2

The positive effect of Titanium Dioxide is mainly one. And that is it acts as a dopamine. This means consumption of the compound helps generate a surge of well being and happiness by releasing certain chemicals in the brain for some time.

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How TiO2 can be harmful

To harm the human body seriously, the compound has to be consumed in very high concentrations, which normally would not happen if you eat packaged and processed food containing Titanium Dioxide. This means you will have to eat too much of the thing to feel any negative side effect.

Yet there are few long-term side effects which may build up when you constantly eat food containing the compound.

  • Damage to liver, kidneys, and antioxidant behavior alteration in the body is observed with high doses in mice. (Dose- 50mg per kg)
  • Oral exposure to the TiO2 nanoparticles showed degeneration of brain cells.
  • Reproductive ability of mammals was affected and lowered due to the compound. A lower level of testosterone, low sperm cell count, low sperm motility, viability problems etc all were associated with the compound.
  • Ulcerative colitis patient tests revealed elevated levels of accumulated TiO2 in spleen, liver, and blood.

Reading labels of food items before purchasing always pays you back. And now you know that this compound must be watched for concentration before you end up eating too much.


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