HP Comes up with its portable printer for Smartphone- HP Sprocket 100

HP recently introduced SPROCKET 100, its portable printer specially made for Smartphones, the charm and excitement of having a hard copy of a photograph are now possible.

These days, the flourish of Smartphones have completely changed the orientation of Photography. In contemporary times, people snap directly from their Smartphones and subsequently preserves and share these visual resources in the soft copy format.

so, with sprocket 100 reserving photos in hard copy will be much easier.


What are the key features of this portable printer?

The HP Sprocket 100 happens to be a portable printer, featuring a sleek and trim design. The size of this printer closely resembles the size of a battery charger. This printer works on the Zink Zero-Ink Print technology.

Users will require connecting to the Printer, using the Bluetooth-enabled Sprocket app. Once the connection has been established, the printer will connect automatically to the phone, each time the user power on the Phone.

This portable printer comes with a set of ten sheets of Zink Paper and users will require loading the set to the printer to kick-start the printing process. The app enables the user to pick his/her favorite photos from his/her social media account or directly from the camera roll. This is definitely a feature that the users will appreciate.

Reviews from the users- an account of the performance of the printer

Reviews on HP Sprocket 100 have been a mixed one. Users appreciated the sleek & trim design of the device that makes it easier for them to carry the printer.

Likewise, the user-friendly interface won over the hearts of the new users. In their opinion, new users will not find it difficult to adapt to its use as the interface is really simple.

Though the mechanism is really fascinating, the quality of the printout failed to satisfy the users. As it came up from the reviews, the printer tends to produce water-down versions of the actual photo taken. This is a point wherein this printer is significantly lacking beyond the similar products from the closest competitors.

Though this printer is comparatively cheaper in its price, it never justifies the compromise on the quality of the output. Hence, the manufacturer requires giving serious notes on these reviews and bring improvements in these regards, if the product has to compete with its closest alternatives.

Considering the consistency of the company in serving quality products to the buyers, it can certainly be expected that the company will take adequate measures to overcome these challenges.

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