Was Hurricane Harvey Just A Mild Shock Of Climate Change ?

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Was Hurricane Harvey Just A Mild Shock Of Climate Change ?
Was Hurricane Harvey Just A Mild Shock Of Climate Change ?

We all heard about hurricane Harvey. It was the second destructive hurricane, after Wilma 2005, making land fall in the United States. The wettest tropical cyclone on record in the US. It caused catastrophic flooding due to increase in water level up to 100 cm in many areas.

But, it is just the beginning. If the climate continued to be this way, there will be more of Harvey or worse.

Is there a relationship between hurricane Harvey and the climate change ?

Definitely, there is a strong relationship between them. The climate is getting worse day after day. That leads to increases in temperature. You should know that, for every extra degree Celsius in warming, the atmosphere holds 7% more water.

The continuous increase in the percentage of water in the atmosphere tends to make rainfall more extreme when they occur.

Clare Nullis, the UN Organization’s spokeswoman, told a conference, “Climate change means that when we do have an event like Harvey, the rainfall amounts are likely to be higher than they would have been otherwise,”

You may think that hurricanes are nothing new in this part of the world. You are, absolutely correct, but it is likely to have made it much worse.

As Explanation, continuous rise in temperature leads to warming seas which in turn cause increasing in evaporation rate. Then, Warmer air holds more water vapor. Accordingly, the sky stores more moisture and dump it intensely.

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Humans are responsible for extreme weather

The new studies show how the rise in greenhouse gases has increased the risk of a hotter world. Last year, the national oceanic, world weather attribution and atmospheric administration estimated that man-made emissions nearly doubled the odds of last year’s heavy rains in Louisiana.

This year, they found the heatwave in Portugal and Spain was 10 times more likely to have occurred because of global warming. There will be numbers of hurricane Harvey, as soon as the deluge in Texas abates.

Now, the surface temperature in Mexico is more than 0.5 a degree Celsius higher than the recent late summer average. Accordingly, there is more potential for a deluge.

Melting glaciers and ice caps will likely cause sea levels to rise, which would make coastal flooding more severe when a storm comes ashore. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stated that global warming should cause sea levels to rise 0.11 to 0.77 meters (0.36 to 2.5 feet) by 2100.

So, we must stop polluting the environment. The world now is searching for new sources of renewable energy in all fields. We should encourage these projects to save ourselves and the earth that we are living in.

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