Ideas To Accelerate Metabolism And Lose Weight

It is inevitable, we all want to discover the secret to lose weight with the least possible effort, especially when we have gained a few extra kilos that seem to stay forever.

One of the most efficient tricks to lose weight with minimal effort is to accelerate our metabolism, however, how can one speed up the metabolism? Are you slowing it down?

Here you will learn some ideas to accelerate your metabolism and you can lose weight quickly.

1. Increase proteins

By slightly increasing the amount of protein in a balanced diet, your body will be much better prepared to lose weight quickly.

The contribution of quality proteins will help you to fight with your lazy metabolism. When you are talking about quality proteins, reference is made to those that answer your body needs.

Which means that those with high levels of amino acids, such as meats and fish are a good alternative to include in your diet. In this order of ideas, lean meats and eggs are a significant source of protein to activate your metabolism.

2. Decrease carbohydrates

It is important to achieve a balance between the different types of foods in a diet, doctors suggest that the amount of carbohydrates in the weekly menu be reduced a little.

In this way, you will also accelerate your metabolism. Different studies have shown that carbohydrates help to have a slower metabolism and favor weight gain.

Reducing carbohydrates means that you have to say “see you later” to large portions of pasta, potatoes, bread and others in your diet.

3. Control the quantities

Having a balance in our diet and lifestyle is the key to losing weight. Although there are diets that do not limit the quantities, a good way to achieve weight loss is not to fill the plate of food no matter how healthy they are.

An easy and safe way to measure quantities is to use the palm of your hand. This implies that the amount of protein in your menu has to be the size of your palm while the size of your closed fist has to be equivalent in the carbohydrates in your dish.

This way you will not overload your organism with portions that are very large for your size.

4. Practice sports

High intensity training may not be primarily fun, however, it is a positive and effective way to speed up the metabolism. The best way to get this through sport alternating between high intensity intervals with more relaxed ones.

This idea is not only going to help you speed up your metabolism, but it can help you reduce cellulite.
Remember to have moments of pause to let your body rest between training intervals, it is better to get results little by little than in a single stroke where you would cause damage to your body.

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