Improve Your Sleeping Posture For Good Health

How To Improve Sleeping Posture?

we all know that sleeping is essential for human health, the sleeping posture is also very important. Your sleeping posture can affect your mood and health. So, we all should have a good posture when sleep. Nearly half (45%) of normal adults snoring during sleep but finding a good posture for sleeping help to get rid of this problem.

How to improve sleep posture?


1- Do your best to avoid sleeping on your stomach:

Sleeping over stomach causes pain in the neck and back and you won’t feel good. Also, your spine during sleeping on stomach becomes unable to reach its neutral position, which in turn causes strain on the back, neck, and joints.

If you find some difficulties to sleep on your side or back, try to improve your posture by placing a pillow under your pelvis and lower abdomen. You will adapt quickly.

This is the first step To improve your sleeping posture, make sure your spine is well placed while you are sleeping.

2- Do exercise before going to the bed

Try to do a little exercise before going to the bed at night. A short period of walking is enough to relax your muscles.
Sitting for a long time, causes your pelvis to be pressed forward, which make it difficult to find an appropriate posture during sleeping.

Do night exercises regularly and keep this habit even if you used the right sleeping position. It will help you to feel better during the day.

3- Side Sleeping posture

According to specialists, people who sleep on their sides have a good blood circulation. Also, Sleeping on the side has many benefits because this posture lowers the pressure on our body organs. Place a pillow between your knees, and one pillow behind your back to prevent you from rolling onto your back.

If you find side sleeping is not comfortable for you, it is recommended to try sleeping on your back. Putting a pillow under your knees, allow your back to flatten slightly into the mattress.

For more comfort, Use lots of pillows underneath each arm, knees, and even one on each side of your trunk

4- Do the exercise after waking up

After waking up, it is better for you to do some exercise. It helps your body to get into an active state after sleeping for several hours. Also, do some light stretches.
The morning exercise regularly lessens the pain, boost your health, stiffness and improve your posture during the day.

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