The Incredible Health Benefits Of Tomato

Tomato Is A Miracle Fruit

A tomato is a superfruit that offers benefits to the entire body systems. But, it was only 200 years ago that they were thought to be poisonous in the United States.

Nowadays, scientists found that the health benefits of tomatoes include eye care, good stomach health, and a normal blood pressure. Also, provide relief from diabetes, skin problems, as well as urinary tract infections.

Tomatoes contain a large number of antioxidants that have been proven to fight different forms of cancer. Moreover, They are a valuable source of vitamins and minerals which exert a protective effect against cardiovascular diseases.

The benefits of tomato

1- detoxification

Tomato consists of a large quantity of lycopene, an antioxidant which is surprisingly effective in scavenging most cancers-causing unfastened radicals. Lycopene is a type of polyphenols or plant compounds, that has been linked to prostate cancer prevention. It also gives tomatoes their characteristic red color.

The lycopene which exists in tomatoes defends against cancer and is very powerful in combating prostate cancer, cervical cancer, most cancers of the stomach and rectum as well as esophageal cancers.

In accordance with research published by the Harvard School of Public Health, It also protects against breast cancers and cancer of the mouth.

Tomato is a valuable source of vitamin C and other antioxidants. In a new study of the journal Molecular Cancer Research linked the intake of high levels of beta-carotene in the prevention of tumor development in prostate cancer.

Also, another study in the Japanese population suggests that beta-carotene consumption may reduce the risk of colon cancer. Fiber intake from fruits and vegetables is associated with a lowered risk of colorectal cancer.Tomato products provide 80 % of dietary lycopene consumed in the U.S.


2- Source of Vitamins and Minerals

Surprisingly, only A single tomato can provide your body with about 40% of the daily requirements of vitamin C.
Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant which protects against most cancers. It also contains abundant nutrition A and potassium, as well as iron.

Potassium plays a vital function in keeping nerve health, and iron is important for keeping regular blood circulation.
Alternatively, it is a rich source of Vitamin A. Vitamin A observed in tomatoes is important for hair, bones, and teeth.

In addition, there are K and E vitamins present in tomatoes. These two vitamins restore and enhance the health of skin cells. Vitamin A combats infections and promotes appropriate eyesight. Additionally, they act as an anti-oxidants which work to neutralize dangerous unfastened radicals observed within the blood circulation.


So, the diets rich in this fruit are blessings in strengthening the immune system and produces sufficient collagen for healthier pores and skin. Tomatoes also contain selenium, which has an important role in keeping our bodies away from cancer.


3- maintaining the normal blood pressure and sugar


According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), fewer than 2 % of U.S. Adults have the recommended daily potassium intake of 4,700 mg.

The normal blood pressure is maintained by potassium and diet B witch present in great amounts in tomatoes. They lower the blood strain and to lessen high cholesterol levels.

As a result of this action, they enhance the health of our hearts, preventing the heart strokes, coronary heart attacks.

Additionally, Tomatoes are rich in the mineral chromium which is wonderful in preserving the blood sugar level and retaining it underneath control in diabetic people.

4- Protects the cardiovascular system

The lycopene substance found in tomatoes prevents serum lipid oxidation, accordingly providing a protective impact towards cardiovascular disease.

The normal intake of this fruit lowers the levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. These lipids in high level affect the cardiovascular system negatively.

The fibers, potassium, vitamin C, Vitamin K and choline content in tomatoes all support heart health.
Tomatoes also contain folate, which maintains the balance of homocysteine levels. Homocysteine is an amino acid that may increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

5- Protect the body cells

Due to the great amount of potassium in tomatoes, it protects against cancer. It helps the immune system by fighting nitrosamines, which are the primary cancer agents present inside the body. The presence of vitamin A in such excessive portions decrease significantly the effects of cancer agents and protect you against lung cancer. Also, coumaric acid and chlorogenic acid have the same effect.

Tomatoes also help to preserve healthful, bones, enamel and skin. Daily intake of tomato or its juice protects the pores and skin against the ultraviolet-induced erythema.

Tomato is rich in vitamin c. The production of collagen, which is essential for the skin, hair, and nails in the body, depends on vitamin C.

Consequently, vitamin C deficiency can lead to scurvy and cause increased damage from sunlight, pollution, and smoke. That results in wrinkles, sagging skin, blemishes, and other adverse health effects on the skin.
By the way, the Journal of the American Medical Association indicates in a survey that daily consumption of tomatoes reduces the oxidative stress of type 2 diabetes.

Tomato additionally reduces the incidence of urinary tract infections. This is due to the high water content present in tomatoes, which can stimulate urination. This increases the removal of pollutants from the tract, in addition to extra water, salts, uric acid.

They also assist in reducing the harm which is due to smoking as they include chlorogenic acid, lycopene, and coumaric acid.


6- Improve Vision


Tomato enhances the vision and prevents the night-blindness and macular degeneration.
The high content of Vitamin A acts as a powerful antioxidant that may consist of an extra of beta-carotene in the body.

Tomatoes are a rich source of, lutein, lycopene, and beta-carotene. These substances are powerful antioxidants that protect the eyes against the development of cataracts, light-induced damage, and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

There is a recent Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) found that people who have a regular amount of carotenoids as lutein and zeaxanthin in diet have a 35 % reduction in the risk of neovascular Age-related Disease (ARD).

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