Former Investor In Facebook And Google Accuses Them Of Brain Hacking

A former investor in Facebook and Google “Roger McNamee” says that truly is sorry for helping these two social media giants to be what they are today.

He describes them as a greedy machine for selling more ads, and there is no limit to what they can do so consumers have to pressure the internet giants to stop.

He expresses how much regret he has for his role in creating today’s internet monopolies.

He adds also in an editorial for USA today that the executives at Google and Facebook are good people.

But the unintended consequences of their well -intended strategy is causing enormous harm to society, to democracy and to the economy.

They know you more than you know yourself

He explains that it is not the basic services they present like search or social networking but the advertising which is the main problem.

They borrowed techniques from the gambling industry to make their products more addictive, the more you feel it is important to use these products the more information they gather about you.

These internet companies know about your more than you know about yourself. This gives them a great power to control you and persuade you to do things that serve their interests.

The degree of harm grows overtime

Not only causing us harm and make us addict to checking our phones but also how the Russians use Facebook to spread misinformation and influence the elections in US.

People need to take back control on their lives specially using these ads driven internet giants; Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, twitter, Wechat, and WhatsApp.

Apple company makes its money selling hardware not ads which puts hope on Apple in getting this under control, they already done things like stopping autoplay of YouTube and block ad trackers in safari.

Consumers should start to take back control of their devices, not allowing notifications from machines.

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