Is IQ a really stupid concept?

The psychologist William Stern is the inventor of IQ at the university of Breslau. IQ is an abbreviation for intelligence quotient which is a score of many standardized tests to evaluate a person’s intelligence.

In a simple way, IQ is created to specify a person’s mental age by means of several intelligence tests. However, there are people thinking that IQ is a really stupid concept.

Why IQ is a stupid concept?

When we talk about IQ, people think it is a smart signifier of intelligence. On the other hand, there are many who think that it just quantifies the ability to solve specific tests.

Having good results in these tests doesn’t necessarily mean that a country is smarter than others who don’t. Researchers say that there many factors affect the result of IQ exams such as good education and health care.

Factors affect the IQ results


Definitely, education enhances the value of IQ. Every year, the average IQ of a student may jump up to two or three points. There is a continuous improvement in their brains. So, they may have more about 12 points than their non-educated siblings.

Environmental factors

To know if the environment has an effect on IQ, the researchers often study the twins who have been separated at birth. They depend basically on, the identical twins must have the same intelligence at birth. After many studies they found that the nature has a role in further increase in the intelligence.

Also, programs that aim to increase the IQ value help the children get a high IQ as they inspired to seek for more experiences.

Furthermore, there is a study suggests that training memory may have an effect on IQ value.

Genetic Factors

Naturally, our brains’ size is determined by the genes. However, the level of intelligence doesn’t base only on the genes (biology) but also on the type of the life.

It is estimated that genes affect out intelligence by 3-80% and increase with age. Hence, the researchers say, the level of intelligence is based on biology and size of the brain, especially the frontal lobe.

There are additional factors influence out intelligence, such as the amount of gray matter in the brain, the thickness of the cerebral cortex, and the metabolic rate.


It is suggested that, the defect in the brain affects its degree of development. So, the majority of people with high IQ tend to live longer as they have a good health care.

On the other hand, people with bad healthcare and mental defect and diseases almost score a low IQ value.

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