Is it illegal to power your home with solar panels ?

Solar panels illegal issue arises, when most of the Caribbean has been ravished by Irma hurricane.  It passed on Florida causing serious damages to the infrastructure, cutting electricity on 1.5 million Floridians.

Solar energy for those who don’t know any information about, is radiant light and heat from the sun that is harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies such as photovoltaics, solar heating, and solar thermal energy.

Sun is a renewable source of energy

What makes this issue arises is that we could replace electricity with more renewable source of energy. So, people won’t face danger of death due to the lack of it.

According to Miami New Times, FPL (Florida Power and Light) which is a major supplier of electricity to the state, has invested lots of money to lobby lawmakers.

they are pushing to make such act (installing solar panels at homes) illegal.

And if you wanted to do so, you must attach any panels to your electric grid.

The solar panels if they became widespread could save 3.5 trillion dollars and reduce 24.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide.

As we all know that carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming and the climate change we are all witnessing all over the world.

Solar energy will provide you security, reliability, independence and save money.

The solar panels at our home could give us a sustainable source of electricity if the main electrical grid burns out during a catastrophic event like hurricanes.

Greed could drive many people to death

People who power their homes with solar panels even to a small degree, aren’t good to these companies. Because this will push them aside and won’t make them earn more money.

They surely won’t admit that openly but they would come up with unbelievable explanation.

Such as “Operating your renewable system without the bi-directional meter can result in an inaccurate meter reading causing your bill to increase.” They write.

Or “the (renewable) system must shut down when FBL’s grid shuts down in order to prevent dangerous back feed on FPL’s grid and to protect FPL employees while working on the grid”, thanks to modern safety measures this is unlikely to happen.

Policies like this that makes Florida in the back of other states. Policies like this that put profits instead of people’s life during catastrophic events like hurricanes.

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