Is Technology A Modern World Or A World Of Zombies?

Nowadays, you can see in the streets the people just pay attention to the modern technology. They just want to have a good Smartphone or a smart TV that looks nice in their apartment. But who can blend them, everyone wants to have great devices of technology is better in all sense.

Some Advantages of technology

It Makes your lifestyle easier:

if you have in our house new TVs, new refrigerators, better air conditioning you will see that works better than an old one, are very easy to use and install and some of them comes with an incredible way of taking care the environment.

Easy communication:

It is better to communicate with other people that is far. That means it makes better the communication to your friends or families that can have in another country. You have the possibility to make video calls to long distance.


The social media is an opportunity that many people use for their business to be upgraded with news and more.

Is Technology A Modern World Or A World Of Zombies?

So if we made a list of the advantages of the technology and the modern characteristics that bring to us it will be a long list. But not everyone feels comfortable or happy with it, even can call it like a waste of time or an activity that make people look like if they do not belong to the planet.

If we check on the internet we can see among of articles in we said, which are the advantages and disadvantages of the technology or maybe comments about people that agree or disagree with it. Like everything in life, it comes with pros and against and this theme is one of those.

Some people may think that the internet can lose people, sometimes happen that when you are talking with another person is watching the message on his or her cell phone and is not listening to you, or the case of people that do not feel comfortable with technology because prefer to use another type of things or something more basic that can meet your needs.

Basically, the technology is not for all people some of them can enjoy and feel very happy and comfortable with the benefits and the advantages of it but another group prefers not to pay so much attention. It just depends on your preferences about the technology.

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