Large Impact from Small Nano-sized Energy Harvesters

Though the production and usage of nano-sized devices have increased rapidly due to the technological advancements and applications required, it is so important to make same nano size energy sources. Otherwise, the functionality of the system will be hampered badly.

In the Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz in Iran, Hamid Foruzande, Ali Hajnayeb, and Amin Yaghootian have modeled a new technology of piezoelectric energy harvester (PEH) for nano-size devices.

Their report has been published in the weekly AIP Advances. In their report, they have discussed the impact of small size dimensions as nonlinear vibrations and the PEH voltage harvesting technology. The piezoelectric materials are able to generate electricity on the application of mechanical stress on them.

vibration-induced stress

This technique is used in almost every electronic devices from cell phones to ultrasonic transducers, everything. The technique these scientists have used to create the PEHs is the use of vibration-induced stress on the piezoelectric crystals.The most important advantage of these PEHs is that their size can be reduced to mini or micro or nano size to use them for nano-scale devices.

The most important advantage of these PEHs is that their size can be reduced to mini or micro or nano-size to use them for nano-scale devices.

As per the researchers, all the micro and nano-sized devices like MEMS or NEMS need energy sources as per their size, this is what the aim of this research is.

Researchers have also emphasized on the necessity of the use of piezoelectric systems in nano-sized systems and devices for them to function properly, as the piezoelectric crystals have the same governing principle for every purpose.

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Converting energy available in nature

For self-sufficient electronic devices, a self-sufficient energy source is very important. For this purpose, the use of piezoelectric crystals is widely known. They are great examples of converting energy available in nature to the energy we require.

The macro-size models of piezoelectric sources have been researched widely. Now, these scientists have taken the best of the piezoelectric crystals to create PEHs which are based on non-local elastic theory. The PEHs has already gained immense popularity for nano-sized devices.

The team had observed the nonlinear vibrations and voltage output based on the nonlocal elastic theory, according to which a point of stress is dependent on the strain in the region around the point.

By this, they derived the straightforward results for the nonlinear equation of motion and they reached to the conclusion that adding a nanobeam tip mass and increase in the scale factor will increase the voltage generation and amplitude of the vibration which will increase the overall energy.

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