Learn how to gain muscle naturally

Are you tired of being that thin among your group of friends? If so, stay with us and learn to gain muscle naturally and fight your metabolism to get the body you want.

The tips we are giving you below are only for thin guys who want to gain weight because at the very least they have flesh in their bones. We know what it is to eat at all times and not feel full, also that you can not gain muscle in any way.
Or, on the contrary, you are tired that everyone tells you that you are very lucky to eat everything you want and without getting fat; What these people do not understand is that for thin guys not being able to gain weight is more a curse than a happiness.

Enough to say “I’ve tried everything and nothing works” because it’s the biggest lie you can tell.  You have tried few things, but believe me, here you will learn everything that you need to gain muscle and will not be the slim guy in the group.

1. Become aware of what you eat

To gain weight you have to focus and become aware of what you are eating, it should not be a complement to training but a focal point of your lifestyle.
Your body is preprogrammed with a type of genetics and in your case, you have a very fast metabolism that can digest and burn carbohydrates very quickly.
Focus on having between 500 and 600 calories on your plate every 2 or 3 hours to have your metabolism working constantly and building muscle.

2. Train only one hour

Continue with your normal exercise program, but without spending 1 hour of training. Be clear that it is much more important to focus on maintaining a high intensity than to never stop working the muscles.
Also, there is no study that proves that performing a marathon session in the gym is adequate for the muscles.
Focus on keeping your rest periods at a minimum of one minute and reduce conversations with your gym mates.

3. Be calm

Being a thin young person you have to stop moving so much everywhere, you have to learn to relax a bit more and try to limit your activity outside the gym as much as possible so you can use that energy only for a good exercise routine.

4. Evaluate your diet in a more caloric and dense

Countless times I’ve heard “No matter what you eat or what you do, there is no way to gain weight.” Many people believe that they eat a lot and that they should, therefore, gain weight.
However, no matter what you eat if you do not gain weight, this means that you are not eating enough for your metabolism.
You have to re-evaluate your diet to focus on eating more caloric and dense foods. The situation is that you have to eat a lot more if you do not gain weight.


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