Learning Is an Advantage of Video Games

In an experiment, scientists let regular video game players and non-video game players compete against each other.

The result just astounded the neuropsychologists of the Ruhr-University Bochum. The learning ability of a video game player is significantly higher compared to the non-video game player. The earlier one showed comparatively better brain activity in the areas of the brain related to learning.

This is included in the report of Prof. Boris Suchan, Robert Lech and Sabrina Schenk in the journal Behavioural Brain Research.

The research story

The scientists selected 17 people to volunteer in the group of video game players. These people have reported regular playing computer video games for nearly fifteen hours per week. The team also selected 17 people for the non-video game player team who didn’t play games on regular basis. Both the teams were assigned the task of weather prediction.

While the task is performed the research team analyzed the brain activity of each and every volunteer. They used three cards, combining which the weather prediction can be done. Some will show sunny weather and others will show rainy.

After prediction, the participants will be provided a feedback whether the result is right or wrong. The feedback was related to the probability of sunny and rainy weather. After the learning task, the participants had to answer a question paper based on the knowledge they gained.

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And the result was

The video game players showed a better response in a combination of the cards of weather prediction than the non-video game players. They even showed better prediction power of uncertain combinations of the cards like the prediction of 30 percent rain and 70 percent sunny weather.

They showed better analyzing ability in uncertain card combinations. This is a proof of their increased analytical ability than the non-video game players.  As per the research team, the video game players showed better knowledge acquiring ability than that of the non-video game players. They even showed better analyzing power. That is quite fascinating.

To conclude everything

The key area of learning in our brain is named hippocampus, which has an important role in learning and memorizing. This kind of analytical learning is related to this part of the brain.

As per the scientists, playing these games train this part of the brain which is important for both young and elder generations. This can prevent changes in the hippocampus and can prevent memory loss too. The scientists are hoping to be able to treat many brain diseases with the help of games in future. Like the Alzheimer or memory loss.

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