Let’s Talk About Fitness And Society

Fitness is a term that most people think when they heard it of a gym, running, diet and a dedication to get in the shape. But according to science and the health of the body,fitness is the one needed or better suited to live in and on full potential.

why not everyone is doing fitness routine 

Now is that the case, why not everyone is doing some fitness routine or having a healthy life to keep the body running to the best?

Well the answer is simple, we are humans, the needs and what supposed to be and needs to be are different things that have different priorities to basically all of us on the planet.

You probably have heard on the news or on some website or any other media, how obesity is becoming a more frequent problem in society and how every time.

More and more children are spending more time at home rather than playing outside doing some exercise and breathing some fresh air.

Here are the answer

Now the idea is not to blame somebody or something for it, because we can easily say that “technology and computers are making the children lazy and don’t want to go outside anymore”, but that is just pointing a reason of the bunch.

The reality is that both, children and adults, are becoming less interested in getting a healthy status for their bodies and a proper fitness condition. The society no longer demands to be in those conditions, at least not for most of them.

This a delicate matter to talk, but is something that needs to be addressed, since people are getting used to the fact that, there’s no need to be on shape if my job, lifestyle and society is accepting that fact. That is a really strong point in life to do some stuff and for not to do some others.

Being healthy should be a number one reason to be in a fitness condition. Every day more a more people are suffering diseases and delicate heart conditions for not having a proper respect to their bodies and having regrets when it’s too late.

We have to make people understand that doing a fitness routine is not taking all your time and life on doing it, is just some of that time and eating the regular, but with moderation to have a body that can enjoy life to the fullest. At the same time you will be able to do anything that you want, without taking or changing those things that you enjoy in your life.

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