like Ice Cream ? Then You Must know This

Lastly, we heard about the new health ice cream. A lot of ice cream lovers were pleased to hear that. But, others thought that was a trick. I will show you the truth.

Is ice cream healthy?

If you like eating ice cream, sadly, I am telling you now that ice cream will never be a healthy food.

FDA is currently “processing redefining the legal definition surrounding the term Healthy”. Said Elizabeth Shawn, MS, RDN, CTL, a nutrition expert who’s worked with Arctic zero and is developing recipes for Halo top.

May you need to know that Halo top and Enlightened both use real cow milk in making their own ice cream. But, Arctic zero, trine and others use a lot of artificial ingredients.

Many used to call it “frozen desserts” because of its lack of dairy content. In U. S. FDA, 10%is the minimum percentage that must present in the product to be labeled ice cream.

Also, alternative sweeteners may affect your health.

The study showed that:

1_ if the sweetener was safe as sugar alcohol stevia and erythritol, it would be safe. But, you must know that they determined the maximum amount intake per day must not exceed 50gm.

2_ if there was alternative sweetener as in frozen desserts, there are bad side effects. It causes a bad impact such as increasing the risk of obesity, diabetes, cancer. And may causes changes in gut bacteria.

According to an Italian study, published in 2005, the widely used artificial sweetener, aspartame, increases the incidence of malignant tumor, lymphomas, leukemias.

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The side effects of the ice cream

1. as shown above, artificial ingredients and alternative sweetener increase the risk of obesity and malignant diseases.

Elizabeth Shawn said, “These ingredients have demonstrated to exhibit undesirable effects on the gut microbiota and can cause stomach pain, loose bowels, or diarrhea in some individuals,”

2. it may strengthen your bones. As ice cream contains dairy products, it is a good nutrition for your body. Calcium and phosphorus both are present. When they bind together, they strengthen your bones.

3. many disorders can occur as bloating, diarrhea and constipation.

When you exceed the allowed amount of alternative sugar intake {50gm), your body enzymes will not be able to break down it. You will get nauseated.

4. Luckily, it can boost your fertility. As ice cream contains a high amount of dairy fat.
According to a study published in Human Reproductive that ladies who eat high-fat dairy, have a higher chance to be pregnant more than others. And said that women who ate ice cream two or more times a week reduced their risk of infertility by 38%.

5. finally, it can leave your wallet empty.

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