Lower The Suitcase Handle For Greater Stability

A very intriguing study delves into the solution of wobbly suitcases. Remember how you are often brought into trouble at airports and public transport places due to a wobbly suitcase?

While you try to speed up with the suitcase, the two-wheeled luggage can tip and tumble nastily and crash sideways or back or forth. When you are in a hurry you often face this resistance. Why this thing happens and what the solution is? Researchers have found the cause and the solution in simple laws of physics.

What happens with the wheeled suitcase


The problem with the two-wheeled luggage is in the position of the wheels and the alignment of the handle. The handle which is to carry the suitcase is attached to the bottom of the suitcase at the wheels. And you hold them vertically above the suitcase totally at the opposite pole from the wheels.

The force applied to the handle just does not align with the wheels and makes the luggage unstable as you hastily pull. Hence, when you are hurrying across the airport or station to catch your flight or train, and dragging the suitcase in haste, it tips.

The problem is faced when the suitcase goes over a bump or a pit and feels the jolt. The handle pulls the luggage in an inward direction, and then the wheels try to correct the motion. It makes the luggage tip on the reverse side. However, quite interestingly, it has been discovered that this problem automatically goes away when you are running too fast. A very high speed helps the wheels balance and autocorrect such small problems. But when you are slow or change your pace often then you face this actual problem.

Square handles solve the problem


This problem can be solved best by using a suitcase with a square handle, which reaches closest to the wheels. Also, the square shape helps balance the luggage much better by shifting the weight evenly. But then again, you will have to change your suitcase and may have to wait till your current luggage wears off.

Buying a new one may not be options for all. Another option is to use your existing luggage with a lowered handle. The lower your handle height adjustment is the better for the center of gravity and balancing. Applying simple laws of physics can solve many such problems easily.

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