A Man Arrested By The FBI After Saving The World From Cyberattack

No one would ever believe that the man who saved the world from cyberattack has been arrested by the FBI.

The story begins when a ransomware has attacked and threatened many fields of business, telecommunications networks, and health services last May 2017.

But a young gentleman from UK have succeeded in stopping the ransomware from causing any sever damages.

Hero by accident

This man was having a look at the source code of the virus and found by luck a domain name and a website address that are not registered. he purchased this domain and the cyberattack went to non-existence!

He succeeded when everybody and other governmental devices failed. Everyone thanked him for this and they called him a “Hero”

The investigation here is focused upon something under this name “Kronos”. It was spotted for the first time in the Russian cybercrime forum in 2004.

But what really got the attention is its PRICE. It has been sold with 7000 Dollars about 10 fold the normal prices. Kronos turned out to be a collection of codes, the hacker who made them offers his support when they are used.

Viruses unleashed  

This ransomware is a type of Trojan horse application that may seem harmless piece of software but once it is inside viruses are unleashed to destroy everything and steal their financial log-in details.

All this could happen through one click on an attachment sent by email. The funny part is you will never find out because there is no trace.

They accuse the British guy for developing and selling it to Dark Website and promoting kronos via You Tube.

Kronos still forms a threat to the world online, and this arrest may help the Federal government to eliminate it.

Security experts stated that Hutchins the British Young man may seem innocent. They suggest that he may sent some code to the program that later developed without him knowing that.

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