Mango peel improves your health

Naturally, Mango has a pleasant look and taste, so we all like to eat it. We usually while eating mango, we throw its peel away. but, you will stop this habit when you know the benefits of mango peel.

Mango peel compared with fatty foods

Many people do not eat healthy foods in their everyday meal. Many of us tend to eat many fatty foods because of their delicious taste and they are easy to find near groceries and markets.

Researchers found, Sadly, that many fatty foods contain bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol leads to diseases to our heart. It produces a group of a disorder called cardiovascular diseases.

Throughout the studies, they found out that there is a nutrient called Bioflavonoid. It is a vitamin that has a large class of antioxidants. This is found in mango peel.

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Benefits of mango peel

Mango peel contains many beneficial components

1- Vitamins

– Vitamin A: it is an important nutrient for strong eyes and a healthy immune system.
– Vitamin C: it helps in wound healing, the absorption of iron, and the growth and restoration of skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. it is, also, antioxidant that can remove any free radicals bouncing about before they can cause too much trouble.

2- Fibers

Mango peels can preserve your intestinal mobility to your digestive system and help keep bowel movements comfortable and regular.

3- nutrients

peel is filled with special nutrients that are meant to protect against insects, fungi, and other annoyances that could threaten the plant.

Although many of these nutrients are not used by the human body directly, they do have antioxidant properties that can help lower cholesterol and reduce your risk of cancer.

One nutrient is called mangiferin, which is highly available in the peel but only there is a little amount in the flesh of the fruit. Mangiferin is a powerful antioxidant which could treat inflammation and protect against UV-damage and skin cancer.

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How to eat mango peel? and is it safe?

There is a common belief that peel of a mango is not safe to eat because it contains urushiol, the active chemical poison of ivy and oak.

But,  peelings have the Bioflavonoid everyone needs. It tastes may be not good, but it is easy to get. peel could help the poor people from expensive medicines. It may help reduce the risk of heart disease.
So, it must be a way for eating it, as follows:

you can cut it into pieces and make a crunchy chip. You can also pickle it in brine, or you can mix it with a salad, or even eat a mango without peeling it.

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