Mantis Are Hunting Birds All Over The World

Mantis is a new killer of Birds is out there. It is actually after one thing in the Bird’s body; its BRAIN.

Our story began when a photographer called Tom Vaughan living in Colorado’s Mancos valley noticed his humming bird dangling from the side of feeder and was grabbed by a mantis. The insect was holding the Bird’s head and chewing on its brain.

What is Mantis?

It is an insect that has over 2400 species in about 430 genera in 15 families. It mainly live in tropical areas and places with moderate temperatures.

Mantis may be mistaken with stick insects (phasmatosea) or other elongated insects like grasshoppers. Mantis is a predator who eats and feeds up on other insects.

The female mantis sometimes practices sexual cannibalism. It kills their mates and eat them after mating. Mantis somehow is kept in homes as pets.

Researchers were able to know that this insect has 3-D vision and a fovea – centralized concentration of light receptors- the better to focus and track.

It can jump like a cat, and control its prey with its hands in perfect way.

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Reversed food chain

As we all know and studied, insects feed on plants or one another, while Birds feed on insects. But we find that some plants are carnivorous like the Venus flytrap, and mantis on humming birds and small middling birds.

Other birds species like European robins, Vireos, Honeyeaters, flycatchers, sunbirds and warblers.

Chinese mantis is one of the large species that grow to 4 inches. Females are responsible for the bird-killing observed worldwide.

In some reported cases, the female was seen feasting on birds while mating with males.

Cockroaches are close relative to mantis

One of the closest relatives to mantis is cockroaches from which they diverged 250 million years ago.

The resemblance is in the heads shape which is like aliens in movies or triangle like shape. But mantis is much upright in posture than cockroaches.

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