How many times do you change your bed sheets?

I guess many of us know how important the bed is, so we spend a fortune to make it comfortable and beautiful by buying beautiful sheets and pillows. But did you ask yourself how often should bed sheet be changed?

Bed could be a place to all bacteria and fungus you know or those you don’t, according to New York Mircobiologist Philip tierno.

What happened if the bed sheets left for too long time, it could sicken us. So it is advised to wash the bed sheets once a week.

How bacteria grow in bed sheets

Scientists say that human body can produce 26 gallons of sweat in bed every year, with suitable circumstances like humidity and heat the perfect medium of fungal growth is existed.

In a study, they test pillow that aged 11-20 years they found that it contained at least 16 species of fungus.

They also explain that not only microbes and bacteria that you share your bed with, but also there are external elements like animal dander, soil, pollen, lint, feces, and dust mite debris.

Not washing your bed sheets each week exposes you to allergic response even if you don’t have allergy.

Your sheets don’t get dirty only from your sweat but what brings all that material into your mattress.

One or two weeks in these bedsheets are enough to leave you with scratchy throat.

Please don’t neglect your health and feel lazy about changing them. Your health is a treasure you should cherish it.

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