Marvelous Meteor Shower 2017- How To Watch

Each year this marvelous meteor shower happens in late summer, it peaks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. What will add more beauty to the meteors is the Moon that will be Bright.

NASA says that stargazers can expect to see one every couple of Minutes.

What is a meteor shower?

A meteor is a space rock or meteoroid that enters earth’s atmosphere. When it enters the earth it creates a kind of resistance, this resistance result in glowing hot air which we call shooting stars.

The meteor shower 2017 is from July 13th until August 26th and it will peak in late evening and early morning.

Many website exaggerate about the number of meteors and say it will be per minute.

But experts say this is not true, for sure it will be good but with bright moon it will be cancelled. They are expected about 150 per hour.

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How to watch the meteor shower?

Experts say the best times to watch the meteor shower in the midnight and dawn because of the bright moon.

You don’t need a telescope to watch but just clear sky and your eye and some patience.

The meteors are bright and fast and they leave in speed of 132.000 mph.

What is the reason behind meteor shower?

This happen when a comet is close to the sun, the sun melts the ice surface of the comet and releasing particles of ice and dust.

Our gravity attracts these particles and results what we call shooting stars.

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