Microsoft introduces the latest update for Windows 10

Is that you are still using the existing version of Windows 10? If it is so,  it is the high time to go for an update. In a recently published Press Communication, Microsoft encouraged the users to install the latest version of Windows 10 as the existing version will not get the security updates, post 10th October.

Why users to opt for this update?

Microsoft withdrew the support on the existing version of Windows 10, a week back, to make the way for the entry of the latest version of the operating system. However, the user of the Creators Updates and Anniversary Update users will continue to get the support until the month of September 2018.

Though the support for the Version 1511 ends on 10th October, Microsoft is constantly notifying users of this version to opt for the Creators Update. The same statement applies to the users of the Windows 10- 1507 Version, the support for which was withdrawn in May 2017.

Microsoft made it clear, earlier this year about its plan to review the privacy setting for the existing version of Windows 10. This comes as a part of the process for updating to the Creators Update. Users will have the liberty to decide the time for the installation of the update. However, they can hold on the Privacy Review for 5 times.

What are the probable impacts of this update?

The withdrawal of support for the Version 1511 is likely to affect Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Education as well as Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Pro. Though Microsoft will continue to extend support to the users of the older version of Windows 10, the company is encouraging such users to shift to the new version of the OS.

It is for the reason that the updated version comes with added security features that were not there in the previous version.

Company officials stated that this update happens in line with the policy of the company to secure its users. The latest update includes cutting-edge features as well as robust security features that definitely make the update a worthy one. Microsoft observes Windows 10 as a development as a service that requires Feature Update in intervals of 6 Months.

The latest version will enable the users to secure their online presence and escape the threats and risks of falling into the traps of evil forces. Hence, opting for this update is a compulsion, and never a choice.

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