Narcissism : Meaning, Causes And Treatment

Humans are different from any other creatures because of their personality. But what if this person got a disorder. Like Narcissism for example.

A personality disorder is a type of mental problem when your beliefs, thoughts, and behavior brings you on the longstanding serious trouble.
Before we know the meaning of narcissism we got to explain in brief the types of personality disorders.

Types of personality disorders

There are ten types of personality disorders like:
– Paranoid
– Schizoid
– Schizotypal
– Antisocial
– Borderline
– Histrionic
– Narcissistic
– Avoidant
– Dependent
– Obsessive-compulsive

As we mentioned above narcissism is a type of personality disorder in which the person thinks he is the better than anybody else and always drives attention to himself.

Actually, there are levels of narcissism and most people are in the middle while other people take it to an extreme which reflects badly on them.

How to spot them

Narcissists could be in your family, in your work, or in your class. I will tell you how to know them and how to deal with them.

He or she tends to look pretty and perfect in first meetings and easily impress people with their charisma.

He or she could be loud and bragging or shy and quiet. He or she want the leadership, they might not be good leaders but they end up having it.

He or she loves talking about himself/ herself, they drop names, express how they are heroic, victimized or how they deserve better than this.

Narcissist tends to buy expensive things and shops a lot to show high class. The looks all that matter to them. They are surrounded by friends and all their pictures look great.

He or she is very sensitive to criticism, they give lots of excuses and never put blame on themselves. They leave damage behind them whether it was a relationship or work, and they move on to another one.

He or she doesn’t care about others feelings especially their own partners so cheating is easy to them.

He or she is not aware of being a narcissist and if they became aware the bragging type won’t seek help because they feel success.

While the shy type will probably seek help when he finds people got away from him though he is good and successful. They never feel low self-esteem. And men are more narcissists than women.

What causes narcissism?

It could be because of the early childhood or teenage phase, the environment we grow up in, and it might be genetic factors.


The first step to treatment is to admit that you have personality disorder then everything is easy. Seeking professional help. We know it is difficult to change one’s personality and it may take several years before getting better

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