NASA Ask For Messages To Beam Into Space, The Internet Responds

Two days ago, NASA tweeted via it’s official account on twitter, Asking people to for messages to farthest man-made object in space, that was funny, and people’s respond was funniest.

NASA Voyager

Nasa Voyager 1 was launched 40 years ago this September 5. Since then, the space probe has travelled an astonishing distance, leaving the Solar System in August 2012 and entering interstellar space. It is easily the furthest any man-made item has ever been from Earth.

To celebrate this astonishing achievement, and the probe’s 40th year in space, NASA decided to run a fun little competition. They asked for messages from the public, one of which they will choose to beam up to the probe on September 5.

People Respond

Congratulations! You’ve outlived most things built in 1977.

looking for thicc alien gf, please abduct me and save me from this clown world

The flat earth society has members all around the globe

Universe, we are searching for other peaceful life forms. We can exchange science, ideas, dreams. Call before you come.

My mum was wrong when she told me I wouldn’t go far with my tweets

While you’re out, can you pick up some Sontaran cheese? I hear it’s out of this world

Remember to pick a gift for the kids, they miss you very much.

while you’re out, give Pluto a hug & bring us some space pop tarts, will you? I know they exist. sending love x

Can u tell the aliens I may consider moving to their planet if things continue to go downhill this fast? Thanks

please tell the aliens to come get me.

If you could prove flat-earthers wrong that’d be great, thanks.

Tell the aliens that they left something behind on their last visit, and could they please come get it? Thanks! it’s Donald Trump

Can I have a cup of stardust?

Hey, you forgot my wife 😀 ((that’s me haha))

Careful the Asteroids.

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