Nasa is Hiring A Real Guardian of The Galaxy

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Nasa is Hiring A Real Guardian of The Galaxy

[nextpage title=”Next” ] Isn’t this exciting job? Nasa is Now Hiring A Real Guardian of the Galaxy ( planetary protection officer ) . A job opening for someone to defend earth from aliens, and it pays a six figure salary.

  • NASA is hiring a planetary protection officer

A Planetary protection officer job, with a salary of up to $187,000.The job was created after the signing of the Outer Space Treaty of 1967. and the chosen ones are tasked with making sure humans don’t contaminate planets, moons and any other objects in space. They’re also supposed to help prevent any alien microbes from spreading to Earth.

The concerns at NASA’s headquarters are, quite literally, extraterrestrial — which is why the space agency now has a job opening for “planetary protection officer.”

And they pays well, A six-figure salary, from $124,406 to $187,000 a year, plus benefits. wow 😀 isn’t cool to be the next Guardian of the Galaxy 😀

All you have to do is to help defend Earth from alien contamination, and help Earth avoid contaminating alien worlds it’s trying to explore.

  • A rare and cosmically important position

    While many space agencies hire planetary protection officers, they’re often shared or part-time roles. In fact, only two such full-time roles exist in the world: one at NASA and the other at the European Space Agency.

    That’s according to Catharine Conley, NASA’s only planetary protection officer since 2014.

  • “This new job ad is a result of relocating the position I currently hold to the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance, which is an independent technical authority within NASA,” Conley said in . She did not say whether she planned to reapply for the position, which is held for at least three years but may be extended to five years.

catharine a conley planetary protection officer paul alers nasa Catharine Conley, NASA's sole planetary protection officer.

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    NASA ‘s planetary protection officer.

    The position was created after the US ratified the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, specifically to support Article IX of the document:


    “States Parties to the Treaty shall pursue studies of outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, and conduct exploration of them so as to avoid their harmful contamination and also adverse changes in the environment of the Earth resulting from the introduction of extraterrestrial matter and, where necessary, shall adopt appropriate measures for this purpose.”

    Part of the international agreement is that any space mission must have a less than 1-in-10,000 chance of contaminating an alien world.

    “It’s a moderate level, It’s not extremely careful, but it’s not extremely lax.” Catharine said.

    This is why NASA’s planetary protection officer occasionally gets to travel to space centers around the world and analyze planet-bound robots. The officer helps ensure we don’t accidentally contaminate a pristine world that a probe is landing on — or, more often, is zooming by and photographing.

    Job Requirements

    Key Requirements
    • Frequent travel may be required
    • This is a drug-testing designated position
    • Selectee must complete a financial disclosure statement
    • A one-year probationary period may be required

    1. Advanced knowledge of Planetary Protection, its requirements and mission categories. This includes
    demonstrated technical expertise to independently form technically sound judgments and evaluations in
    considerably complex situations.

    2. Demonstrated experience planning, executing, or overseeing elements of space programs of national
    significance. These elements include but are not limited to developing requirements, performing technical
    assessments, and preparing recommendations to leadership.

    3. Demonstrated skills in diplomacy that resulted in win-win solutions during extremely difficult and
    complex multilateral discussions. This includes building coalitions amongst organizations to achieve
    common goals.

    Under Executive Order 11935, only United States citizens and nationals (residents of American Samoa and Swains Island) may compete for civil service jobs. Agencies are permitted to hire non-citizens only in very limited circumstances where there are no qualified citizens available for the position. [/nextpage]


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