New enzyme complexes to serve human needs

Every second passes the scientists do their best to discover new things that serve human needs. One of their latest discovery is new enzyme complexes that live in herbivore, like cows, horses or zoo animals that could be engineered to serve our needs.

In this new discovery that was published in the Journal Nature Microbiology, Prof. Michelle O`Malley and her 20 co-investigators.  they describe a new complex of enzymes in the gut of herbivore (animals that eat plants only) like cows and horses.

First let me define enzymes for you. Enzymes are proteins that are found everywhere.

The first use of them happened over 5000 years ago when people stored milk in amimal stomachs which called “rennet” that turned milk into cheese.

This showed how enzymes can be a catalysts that speed up biological reactions. And scientists describe enzymes as the powerhouse behind the biological chemistry.

How the new enzymes work?

The enzymes accumulate and stick to each other like Lego this called cellulosome. They can break down the non-food parts of plants in natural way.

This way might be a boost in cellulosic biofuel plant, which produce ethanol from remaining of products. This could lead us to cultivate plant for fuel not for food.

The new discovered enzymes that they are currently studying might be more useful for industry than ones used now.

In biofuel production people might try each enzyme to get the produce they want, but those enzymes together can create the necessary reactants and expand their activity for maximum impact rather than happening by luck.

At the end of the these scientists are proud to find a way to balance between discovery and engineering through using Microbes.

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