Olfactory Dreams: Smell To Have A Dream

Did you hear that smells may influence emotions in your dreams? Well, having a good dream may be available for everyone. You can, also, train yourself to have a dream or even choose the dream you want. Have an Olfactory Dreams.

The connection between smells and dreams

As Dr. Boris stuck, author of the study at the University of hospital Mannheim in German, said, “the different scents were not incorporated literally into a person’s dreams, there was hardly any kind of a dream dealing with smelling and tasting.

He did a study by giving dreaming subjects whiffs of rose scent. The subjects reported a rosier dream. On the other hand, giving whiffs of rotten eggs scent, provoked unpleasant dreams.

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Why smells affect dreams?

Scientists of Medicine say that sense of smell is closely associated with the limbic system in the brain, which governs emotions and behaviors.

Dr stuck presented this research in Chicago at the annual meeting of the American Academy of technology, but it was not published.

He said in the meeting, “if odor has strong effect on your emotions when you are awake, it makes sense for it to have a strong effect on your emotions when you are asleep”

The study was made on 15 healthy women in their 20s. “young women have been shown to have the best sense of smell” said Stuck.

Dr. Stuck and his colleagues put tubes on volunteers’ nostrils and connected it to olfactometers. They pumped, constantly, streams of air into their noses.

Also, their brains activities were recorded. When the subjects reached the Rapid Eye Movement stage [REM], in which most of the dreams occur, a shot of scent was pumped via the olfactometer for 10 seconds.

After 1 minute, Scientists waked them up and asked them to describe their dreams.

The results showed that smelling rose gave nearly all dreams a pleasant fint, whereas the rotten eggs colored dreams negatively.

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Can you experience smell in your dreams?

Only a few people would say they smell in their dreams.

Francesca says” I have very positive olfactory dreams, especially featuring orange flowers, a flower linked to the heart ”
Francesca is the director of smell festival which takes place every may in the north Italian city of Bologna.

She continued” olfactory dreams do exist, they are people who, in their everyday lives are either have a sensitivity to smells or have a highly trained sense of smell “.

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