Oppo announces the launch of its latest Selfie Smartphone, Oppo F5

Oppo announces the launch of its latest Selfie Smartphone, Oppo F5

China-based Smartphone Manufacturer Oppo is ready to introduce its latest Smartphone. As announced by the company, it will be launching its upcoming smartphone in Philippines on 26th October.

Oppo has started the process of sending out invites that displays the phone’s image, featuring dual cameras to the front and one camera along its backside. In addition, the phone features an 18 inches screen and fingerprint sensor.

What did the images reveal about the phone?

Going by the previously published report, the Oppo F5 Selfie Smartphone comes with an FHD display of 6 inches and the aspect ratio of the phone is 18:9.

This Smartphone comes with dual cameras to the front with capacities of 12 and 16 MP. As communicated by the Company, the phone features 20 MP rear Camera, coming with Led Flash. On the other hand, the phone gets backed by 4000 mAH battery.

As for the internal storage capacity, it is anticipated that the Phone will be offering 64 GB storage space and 6 GB Ram. The manufacturer has opted for Snapdragon 630 Processor.

The specifications of this model closely resemble the previously launched Oppo F3 Phones. Thus, it comes as a gallant upgrade for the users, using the previous model.

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Why should users go for this model?

There is every reason for buyers to buy Oppo F5 Selfie Smartphone. As the picture suggests, the phone features a sleek and trim design that makes it easier for the users to carry the phones. The aspect ratio of the phone is just the perfect and the dual cameras assist the users in shooting the best selfies.

Likewise, users are likely to love the massive internal space and the Led Flash Rear Camera. Combining all these aspects, it will be right to say that the investment in these phones is likely to produce the most delightful returns.

Oppo Phones have earned the reputation for offering advanced features to the users, within an affordable price. Comparing the specifications and features available in these phones with the ones available in the models from other providers, you will say that this brand offers more extensive features than its competitors.

Thus, no wonder, this model is anticipated to earn the hearts of the users. If truth be told, with just a fortnight left for the release of the model, buyers have geared up for getting the device within their hands, at its earliest.

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