Pasta with artichokes, almonds and mushrooms

For pasta lovers, we bring a delicious recipe that they want to repeat several times a week because of the deliciousness and easiness that it is to prepare.

This rich pasta is a great recipe for these special days and the best thing is that you can use it for a more elegant and important lunch or dinner, you will surely surprise your guests with this pasta and they will want to steal this recipe.
The most important thing about this incredible recipe is that it has a high contribution to proteins, calories and especially iron, which are very important supplements in the diet of any vegan or vegetarian.

The ingredients that you will need for this pasta with artichokes, almonds, and mushrooms are:
200 gr. of wheat pasta, preferably thick.
1/2 Tray of mushrooms or mushrooms, otherwise you can use 8 mushrooms of medium or small size.
2 artichokes to medium or large size.
1 small onion
1 clove garlic.
Almonds rolled or crushed.
Balsamic vinegar.
Olive oil.


You will start this rich recipe for vegans by taking the mushrooms or mushrooms and you will proceed to remove the stems and soak them in boiled water.
On the other hand, you will take the artichokes that you previously had to cook and peel them removing the hard leaves, you will clean the heart of the artichoke (ie the stem), and place it for a few minutes in boiled water to accentuate its color.
Once the artichokes are ready, we will take and cut what is left of the leaves diagonally, while the stem of the artichoke will be chopped in small cubes or in long strips that will be your choice.
Then, you will cut the mushrooms and chop the onion in small ones and then place them to sauté in a pan with oil for at least 3 minutes. Once the time has passed to sauté add the artichokes (you should drain them very well the water) and put them for about 2 minutes in the pan in the company of onion and mushrooms. Then add to the sauce the garlic and leave it for 2 extra minutes nothing more.
Meanwhile you will cook the pasta, the pasta has to be thick so you can combine its contribution with the flavors of the rest of the ingredients you have.
Once everything is ready (the pasta and the sauce) you will serve by first putting the pasta (the pasta should be previously mixed with a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and pepper) then add the sauce over it.
To finish this delicious preparation you have to cut some chives and sprinkle all over the plate in the company of the chopped almonds; ready this will be all you will do to have a great dish and delight your guests during those special days.

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