Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety And Stress

Anxiety and stress are things that take toll on you without even you knowing. You may not understand that why are you sweating so much. The reason behind such sweating may be stress or anxiety and it has adverse effect on your health too! If you leave it untreated for long you may get into depression.

Hence here are the symptoms which may happen if you are facing anxiety.

Symptoms Associated with Anxiety

Anxiety is human response to stress and there are so many people who are suffering from it. You can recognize certain physical signs that will show that you are affected by anxiety. Here are they:

  • -Sweating is one of the most commonly observed symptoms. It is most common physiological response to anxiety that may happen for embarrassment, nervousness or anger.
  • -Trembling may not be that common but when the problem of anxiety becomes deep rooted it may occur. You will find your body trembling or shaking as a response to biochemical changes.
  • -Chest pain or a feeling of tightness in your chest may also be experienced if you are undergoing stress. Many people consider that it is precursor to heart attack, but this chest pain occurs due to extreme anxiety within you.
  • -Due to anxiety you may also find it difficult to breathe. This happens because sufficient oxygen is not supplied to your body. There are also instances of experiencing dizziness due to anxiety.
  • -Nausea and vomiting may also be stimulated within your body. However, anxiety is not the only case that triggers such situation, but if you are stressed for a long period then it is not uncommon to have vomiting experiences soon.

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Symptoms Associated with Stress

Most of the symptoms related to stress are also found in anxiety. Here is some other that may relate to extreme stress

  • When you are suffering from stress for a prolonged period, your immunity may be lowered and you will become more susceptible to infections. Having aches in different parts of the body is common during this phase.
  • Due to stress you may also encounter digestive problems. Constipation or diarrhea is common when you are too stressed.
  • Fatigue is another symptom that indicates that you are stressed. Going under stressful situation for long will lead to fatigue.

In short, it can be mentioned that anxiety and stress can affect your body in different ways. The above symptoms may relate to any other situation, but mostly if you are facing them it is better to be careful and discuss the matter with your physician.

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