It Is Raining Boiled Bats In Australian Sky

As elders say, “live and you shall see wonders”, two weeks passed since 2018 has started and we begin to witness bizarre incidents. Starting from Niagara Falls freezing over, Frozen Sharks and ending with Boiled Bats falling from Australian Sky!

These incidents happen due to the disastrous change in climate, where the world is not a good place to live in anymore. All creatures out there starting to suffer the consequences we are expecting.

The winter became cruel and freezing than before leading to the freezing of Niagara Falls, Sharks and frozen Iguanas falling out of trees in Florida. While the other end of the spectrum, specifically in Australia a heat wave so extreme that caused bats to boil and fall from the sky.

The numbers of fallen bats are ranging between hundreds and thousands in Campbell town, New South Wales.

Shade and cool water for bats

People volunteered to aid the bats and gave them shade and cool water. An eyewitness explains how dreadful was the scene, many bats were dead and some were on the ground dying.

The temperature degrees in Campbell town reach 44 degrees and in nearby areas like Parramatta and Penrith the temperature reached 47 degrees.

The eyewitness also describes that the bats were basically boiling, their brain just fries like the feeling of standing on sands barefoot and under the sun directly.

Most of the dead bats were babies and Juveniles. It is very sad to see the whole colony like this one dies due to heat.

People ask for help to save the wildlife and Bushlands in Campbell town or incidents like this one won’t be the last.

Climate change is like a beast that grows and grows until one moment it will feed on us one by one, every single creature on this planet will be affected one way or another by it.

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