Reasons That Shows That Climate Change Is Not a Hoax

It is well known that climate is changing, but still there are few who are arguing that the patter of climate change is nothing but a hoax!

Hence, for those people here are the incidents or reasons that show that climate change is not a hoax, but it is threatening Earth and its environment.

Reason 1

Think of the category 4 and 5 Hurricanes that have hit the coast over a period of few months! This intensity accumulation over a short period of time is due to climate change.

Hurricane Maria has devastated Dominica and although while it hit Puerto Rico, it has lost it force, still it is one of the worst hurricane in recent history. Even, Hurricane Irma that hit St. Maarten a few weeks ago was at a speed of 225 mph.

Reason 2

Have a look at the Artic. Pollution is even there in the Artic snow and they are melting the snow away. These are just few symptoms that show that the climate is changing.

The temperature of the surface area of Arctic is record high for last three years. This is accelerating the melting of snow and ice. The overall thing has become a vicious cycle as the sea ice cover is melting due to high temperature. This is leading to more exposure of water to the sunlight. Hence, there is greater absorption of heat and the result is expected.

Reason 3

Even in Antarctic, the picture is almost the same. In the July 2017 National Geographic the satellite pictures shows that more than 225 square miles of ice is breaking off from the ice shelf! If this continues, as there is another shift in creation, the result is well known to everybody.

Reason 4

Different scientists who are working on environment and climate change are protesting on regular basis to make it clear to everybody, especially Governments that something has to be done about climate change. It is not a hoax, but reality and the effect of such change has already started.

Hence, before it is too late to take action, now it is the time that actions must be taken so that climate change can be slowed down. It is true that you cannot stop the change, but if proper efforts are taken all over the world, surely something can happen and we can save the Earth for our future generations.

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