17 Recipes from the Egyptian cuisine: 1. Ful Medames

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17 Recipes from the Egyptian cuisine: 1. Ful Medames
17 Recipes from the Egyptian cuisine: 1. Ful Medames

I have picked for you 17 recipes from the Egyptian cuisine. Some of them are vegetarian and some include meat to please all tastes.

As we all know Egypt is an Arab country famous for its touristic scenes, beautiful weather and sightseeing. Add to that loving people who welcomes everyone warmly.

Egypt is famous for its tasty food which reflects its oriental culture. I will give you in details the recipes we are popular of. These recipes that I personally use in my kitchen. So I hope you try them and tell me your opinion.

I will start with the first recipe which is Ful Medames. Keep checking for the next recipes.

1. Ful Medames:

I guess it is the first thing you might try at the hotel where you staying, you will like its taste, Ful is a legume meal consists of fava bean. It is served with olive oil and cumin and you can add (optional) if you like garlic onion, or other spices.

You can make it at home if you like, all you have to do is to follow these steps:

If you want to make ful medames and reserve the rest in plastic bags in the freezer, you can bring fava bean (1/2 kg) it will give good amount.

½ kg fava bean (soak it in water for a day and keep changing the water)
1 tomato fruit (cut in 4 pieces)
1 onion (cut in 4 pieces)
¼ cup of lentil (soak it an hour and change water)
¼ cup of wheat (soak it for a hour)
5 garlic cloves (leave it as a whole to easily remove later from the pot)
1 small tsp of turmeric


How it is made:

1- After the soaking of the bean for one day and changing water 2 to 3 times, you wash it for the last time then put it in a pot that is deep enough and fit the ½ kg of fava bean.
2- Put the tomato and the onion and the garlic on the fava bean
3- After washing the wheat and the lentil put them too on the fava bean, all in the same pot.
4- Put the turmeric on them, then add water. The water should be covering all ingredients.
5- Put the pot on the fire and let the whole components boil together for a while.
6- Then move the pot to a small flame on the cooker and reduce the flame to the lowest degree.
7- Leave them for 5 hours at least. And check it from now and then to check the water level. If the water is absorbed put boiled water again on it. (Boil water in the electric kettle).
8- Stir the components from now and then to prevent the bean from sticking in the bottom. The components will grow thicker and you will notice the overcooking of the lentil and wheat they are barely visible to the eye.
9- When 5 hours is passed, check if it’s well-cooked or still need time. If cooked turn off the flame. You can serve it hot adding olive oil, cumin, and salt. (You many squeeze half lemon and put tahini on it too).

After you take the amount you need for your meal, reserve the rest in plastic bags in the freezer, and whenever you like to eat it again just pick one bag and leave to unfreeze then heat it and put on them the spices and the olive oil.

P.S reserve Ful medames without adding anything on it. You add the spices and oil when you are going to eat it only.


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