The research behind the improvement of the Micro laser with a dash of gold nanoparticles!

Recently a number of researches left people surprised. One of the latest news about, when a gold nanoparticle attached to that of microlaser what exactly happened after it; a frequency comb consumed 1000 times’ lower power and less space than the older form of comb technology.

But the exact scenario still remains a mystery for listeners. Whenever a gold word appears, people feel of something treasure being hidden under it. Usually, the size of gold gets reduced to the size of human hair at 1/100,000 over time.

The latest discovery by the researchers:

What exactly happened when nanoparticles of gold attached to a microlaser cx surface? Researchers from USC Viterbi School of Engineering showed up the innovative frequency comb functionality that took less space. In fact, it also consumed less power that is 1000 times lower than what the current comb supposed to consume. Now, what are these comb technologies? Basically, a comb was a new innovation of science that helps to create a rainbow light from the single source of light.

What made this innovation?

  • As per researchers, this innovative idea helped to improve the cybersecurity, identification of harmful chemicals, and also for GPS system.
  • Though this system of comb works on consumption of high power supply thus, they require proper care.
  • Successfully help the residential areas with easy power supply for perfect wavelength generation in order to allow proper functioning of devices.
  • Andrea Armani, a research team leader and a professor from departmental of chemical engineering and material science, stated that these frequency combs used only small units of mill watts power consumption for gold nanoparticles.

Role of gold nanoparticles:

With expertise help for the optics and nanomaterials, they progressively disproved the thought behind detrimental effects of gold nanoparticles over microlaser. Later it founded those nanoparticles of gold to be effective in increasing the intensity of light which circulates through the device. As high the light intensity is the interaction process with organic material simultaneously increases. Over time the combined effect made this comb to attain traditional approach of the pulse laser.

It also noticed that if the number of wavelength emissions increases then it automatically becomes advantageous. In fact, after using the gold nanorod, researchers found that wavelength increases to 300 nanometers. This turned helpful for comb generation. It always demonstrating a larger range helps the application to develop perfect wavelength. The entire research followed by Diep and Rigoberto Castro-Beltran.

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