Urine Retention Affects Your Health

How Retention Of Urine Affects Your Health?

There a lot of things that may affect your health without you knowing. Urine retention for a long time is harmful. So, it is advisable to urinate as soon as your body urges you.

The normal amount of urine that your bladder can hold.

The human bladder can hold up to 0.5 liters of liquid. A normal person taking 8 glasses of water a day takes 64 ounces (1.9 liters), hence the need to constantly get rid of the excess water.

The bladder stores this excess liquid and when half full, sends signals to the brain to let one know that they should pee. This, however, is bearable and one may decide to hold the pee for longer.

But for how long, well it differs from one to another. some can hold it for so long while others can’t.

The effects of urine retention

1- Holding pee for a short period has no effect. Doing this for long and too many times is harmful.

2- It may lead to infections and other several side effects due to the bacteria on the genital surface. This bacteria can enter through the ureter and migrate into the bladder. The accumulation of these bacteria may cause lower urinary transmitted infection (UTI).

3- In some cases, the bacteria reach the kidney through the ureter causing pyelonephritis, a kidney ailment, whose symptoms include a fever, back pains. It must be treated quickly, otherwise, the bacteria will enter the bloodstream causing a systemic disorder that is extremely life-threatening.

4- For pregnant women, the spreading of the bacteria is faster than others, there are other infections that may arise from this.

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5- Accumulation of calcium and sodium salts along the urinary tract may cause Kidneys stones. The stones make it difficult to pass urine as the pain that comes along is unbearable since the stones will be large compared to the track size.

6- Cystitis an inflammation of the bladder walls mostly experienced by women. They cause pain in the pelvis, burning, and pain when urinating and swelling of the bladder.

7- Voiding dysfunction is the inability to retain urine as the sphincter muscles have been weakened and are unable to relax. This occurs mostly in children.

8- The bladder may also swell because of holding more than its capacity. Too much swelling may require a surgery.

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