Reversing Alzheimer Using LED Lights Is A Possibility Now

As we all know and have seen people suffer from Alzheimer for such long time. Putting them and their life into jeopardy. It could be reversed by using LED Lights according to MIT study on Mice.

This new research study indicates that the genetic blockades inside the brain that cause this diseases could be broken down.

Until now this study has been applied and showed results on Mice only but the researchers hope it succeed in humans.

What is Alzheimer diseases in brief?

It is a type of dementia, a chronic neurodegenerative diseases that get very bad over time.

Its symptoms

Difficulty in remembering the recent events, loss of motivation, problem with language, disorientation, mood swings. Withdrawal from family and society activities.
It leads in worst case to losing bodily functions and then death.

How memory loss happens, it happens when the enzyme HCAC2 render the memory genes to become useless then forgetfulness occurs and the inability to form new memories.

The solution lies in blocking the activity of HCAC2 but this is difficult because it will affect other HDAC enzymes that are responsible for internal organs.
In this MIT approach they managed to stop the HCAC2 effect leaving other enzymes with any disruption.

This occurred by using LED lights which prevented the HCAC2 from binding with Sp3 which is considered a genetic partner that is vital for the blockade formation causing Alzheimer.

This will enable us to hold the reason behind Alzheimer symptoms and can restore the ability to learn and remember again. The study still in its early phases, and they need more time to offer people the final cure.

This research is a revolutionary because it is a close step to Alzheimer treatment which affects nearly 850.000people in the UK alone.

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