5 Signs Shows That You Are A Technophile

Are You A Technophile?

Do you consider yourself as a technophile? Here are the signs that will ensure that whether you are a technophile or not!

1. Have the best knowledge about the latest gadgets

And not only that, you also know that what the best time to invest for which gadget is! There is a release of one or more gadgets in a different sphere.

And as a technophile, you will keep changing the gadgets after regular interval. They are so much into gadgets that they can tell you a hell lot of stories about the development stages of any particular gadgets.

2. Save every penny to own a new gadget

As a technophile, you will always try to save every penny as you know that by accumulating the fund you will be able to get the latest gadget first, be it smart watches or anything else.

You will try to control your other expenses so that you are in a position to spend for your favorite gadget when it is released.

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3. Your life is managed by apps

How many apps are there in your smartphone? As a technophile, you will want to ensure that you do everything with the help of technology.

And as a result, you will find that whether it’s getting the time of sunrise or managing appointments you are taking help of apps. It is apps that have made your life simpler.

4. Social media friends counts more than real friends

Friends are necessary to lead a happy life but for a technophile, it is their social media friends that matters most than their real friends with whom they can have a cup of coffee.

If you find spending more time chatting with your friend from Alaska than going out for an evening walk with your neighbor, then it is sure that you are becoming a technophile day by day.

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5. Your close buddies are also techiest

It is natural that you will like to have friends who are like minded and if you find out that all your close friends are also techies then you are becoming a technophile for sure.

You will love to spend time with them, discuss about the latest releases and other features that are associated with technology.

Actually, in this age of technology almost all of us are a bit technophile, but if you show the above signs then you are totally into it. When it comes to take information about latest gadgets you are the best person to reach.

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