Social Media Shows Our Fake Personalities

We all know that social media a revolutionary innovation in our life. it allows us to get friends, post photos and tell people about our feelings. But, this is not the whole fact. social media made many people fake. It created their fake personalities.

The world before social media

Returning back to the past, over than 15 years. there was not social media. the ways of connection among people all over the world were so limited. For example, If you wanted to send a photo to anyone, the only way was via mass text.

Also, you were not worried about finding your whereabouts. it is your privacy.
and the most important thing was that you were having a real life, family, and friendships.

The people were caring for each other, visiting each other and even remembering the important occasions of others. our personalities were real, they were visible.

The effect of social media

Unlike the past, the world became a small village because of social media. Sadly, people became hidden behind their screens. we became unreal. that allowed us to judge people lives according to the fake lives they are portraying online.

It made people less genuine in expressing their feelings, talks, and thought.

The error lies in :
1. You need only one click to post anything you need.
2. It is hard to understand ourselves. The more you involve yourself in social media, The more you grasp the fact that you have less tolerance for people.

A new research suggested, your “real self” is what you are, and your “ideal self” is what you should be.

In social media, the real and ideal selves intersect because of we believe that our profiles are present of who we are. I am asking you now, Are you really present of who you are?

Likes, fans, comments, shares, posts,…..all these things make a false sense to us. Some of the media users consider these things as esteem booster.

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Bits of Advice when using social media

1. Be real, don’t fool yourself before others. “Authenticity is the key,” as said. so, stay true. the Authentic version of yourself is better than many a lot of replicas.

2.Your “real self” is better than your”ideal self”. If you portraying your self with an ideal career, for example, why not achieve it.

3. Rest from suffering. if you were transparent and truthful in both real and online lives, you don’t have anything to fear of.

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